IMO Rotary Table Bearings (Circular Gears)

IMO Rotary Table Bearings (Circular Gears)

"IMO is one of the world's leading single-row and double-row ball slew rings used as blades and guide bearings, as well as 5,200 mm diameter azimuth gear wheels.

They are used for offshore and offshore wind turbines in the range of 100 kW to 7+ MW. IMO roller rotating rings are used as single main bearings for gear and shaftless wind turbines.

The construction of the first commercially operated tidal flow system on the coast of Northern Ireland has attracted worldwide attention. At a water depth of more than 20 m, IMO slewing rings are used as knife bearings under extreme pressure and environmental conditions.

In addition, as a supplier of construction machinery, crane and lifting technology, tunneling technology, shipbuilding, medical technology, public transport, bottling plants, IMO serves leading manufacturers in the industry.

The IMO's swivel rings have a closed duct system and can be supplied with internal or external threads. The slewing rings can be combined with pinions, planetary gears and / or motors.

  • Female Threaded Type
  • Male Threaded Type
  • Gearless Type