Eckerle Hydraulic Division

"At the age of just 20, Otto Eckerle founded his first company in Malsch. During those early years, the company focused on the design and construction of operating materials and specialist equipment used for metal processing. The destructive power of the Second World War also affected Eckerle badly. Although the company had begun to develop encouragingly before the war, the bombs that fell in February 1945 destroyed the factory that had only been built three years earlier. During the years of Germany’s “economic miracle”, the innovative phase began - with fundamental developments and patent registrations, especially for the fully compensated external gear pump. At the start of the decade, Eckerle designed a completely new internal gear pump with radial and axial compensation, as well as a new burner pump. Thanks to these and other revolutionary developments for industrial and mobile hydraulics, Otto Eckerle began to make a name for himself on the international markets. The first internal gear pump, the IPH series, was patented in 1968. Nowadays, with Internal Gear Pumps era of technological development and design for the following items since 2000 in Turkey with BTC Otomasyon is presented to the market as the sole distributor.

Eckerle Internal Gear Pumps;

  • Eckerle manufactures hydraulic internal gear pumps in three classes: industrial, mobile and automotive.
  • Aluminum body 325 bar max. operating pressure
  • Casting body 425 bar max. operating pressure,
  • 1-200 cm³ / rev. displacement and tandem option,
  • All industrial applications, Unimog and forklift applications and various mobile applications
  • New EIPC series, new technology, quieter, longer life, comprehensive stock structure