Hydraulic and Automation

BTC Otomasyon ve Hidrolik Sistemleri San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Also for indsutrial, and mobile machines;

manufactures hydraulic power units, special purpose hydraulic stuffs and fixtures in the production line and revisions and modernizations of hydraulic machinery, all kinds of dams, etc. Also, it is able to offer component, rotary table and ring gear applications with its engineering service to its customers for all kinds of Industrial and Mobile Machines.
BTC Otomasyon Hidrolik Sistemler Tic. Ltd. Şti. has been serving in the Hydraulic Automation Sector for many years with its qualified staff who have become a leading player in the sector. At the end of 2008, the factory started to operate with many distributions from Germany origin.

Standard or project specific hydraulic power units between 1-5000 lt, one piece hydraulic control blocks between 1-900 kg, hydraulic cylinders from Ø20 - Ø900 mm with diameter of 0,1-9 mt/stroke, mini power packs with AC or DC motors for industrial and mobile applications, manufactures hydraulic systems with 5µ precision (CNC controlled and feedback measurement) and offers special solutions in project, design, manufacturing, installation, service and training with its expert staff.


Customer Happiness

Some Sectors We Serve;

Sheet metal working machines (press brakes, guillotine shears, punch machines, plastering presses, unrolling and forming machines), Aluminum, brass and copper extrusion press applications, Applications for metal injection systems, Special-purpose testing and simulation units and groups for the defense industry, Various testing and simulation units and groups for the automotive industry, Hydraulic cylinders and power units for dam systems, Hydraulic system projects and applications for high temperature and high pressure machinery and equipment, Agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesting machines, balers, agricultural trailers, forestry machines, loaders), System and material solutions for construction machines and all kinds of mobile machines, Hydraulic system training and seminars.


our next goal is to operate in other countries around the world with the same Vision & Mission.

Continuously improving itself by following the technological developments closely, increasing the sales and competition chances of its customers in the world by focusing on the Hybrid systems consisting of Hydraulic & Electronic combination, and aiming to protect the energy resources of our country with the energy efficiency and high efficiency of these systems, without compromising quality by prioritizing customer demands and interests, always trying to be reliable and the best, Being the solution partner for our customers with our professional and expert engineer staff that we have worked with for many years, being aware that our most important capital is human resource, and progressing in the field of hydraulic automation to become the most advanced and technological company of our country in this field.


"Our founder Cem KAPSAL after graduating from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department in 1986, he started to the his hydraulic career at Rexroth Hidropar in 1989 and since 1993 he has been active at hydraulics sector in his own founding partner. In 1998, he signed a distributorship agreement with Hoerbiger and he expanded its distribution network with Eckerle in 2000, with 7Ocean in 2004.

In 2008, he established BTC Otomasyon Hidrolik Sistemler Tic. Ltd. Şti. company with his current distributorships and continued to grow by adding ""Winner Hydraulics"" Distributorship in 2010 and IMO Distributorship in 2019."