7 Ocean Hydraulics

7Oceans Hydraulic has been Taiwan's leading hydraulic valve manufacturer since 1989. The 3 factories established with a total investment of over 20 million dollars have a total closed area of 69.929 m2.

In the production range; manufactures solenoid valves, modular valves, hydraulic valves, proportional valves, pre-fill valves and hydraulic systems and exports all its products to the hydraulic markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. 7oceans is a company that has adopted the principle of continuous development. It aims to develop more hydraulic products for industrial and mobile hydraulics. Since 2004, under the roof of the BTC Otomasyon distributor in Turkey are offered for sale as a single distributor.

Electrical Directional Control Valves

Pressure Safety and Check Valve Series

Pilot Actuated and Electrically Controlled Pressure Safety Valves

Mechanical Directional Control, Decompression, Precharge and Flow Control Valves

Proportional and Electro-Hydraulic Directional Control Pressure Safety Valves

Cartridge Valves

Mobile Valve Series